KBA NewsAnother lockdown questioning your access to office data? Just “Cloud It”!

November 26, 2020by Mandar Sahasrabuddhe

States like Maharashtra, New Delhi are seeing a steep rise in COVID19 cases after a successful curve flattening & dip. State governments have hinted on the probability of another statewide lockdown. The Mumbai Mayor has already requested a curb on inter-state flights, trains and buses to avoid influx of population.

With offices just stabilizing into their routine, where does that leave you and your business if another lockdown becomes a reality?

Here are 6 simple steps that will ensure that you and your team can work from anywhere:

  • Visit www.cloud-it.in and contact the team to get a customised demo for your business.
  • The Cloud It team will help you identify the right plan for you. If your requirement does not match the right plan, the team will provide you with a custom plan.
  • Specify the frequency of data backup that you want. This can be anything from an hourly backup to a daily one.
  • The Cloud It team will then install the on-premise application on the servers or computers that you want to backup to the cloud.
  • Identify the team members that need access to the data online. Ensure that you identify the right access and roles for each team member. Cloud It allows you to provide Read Only access or full access to any user for any folders being backed up. Identify which users need access to ‘Delete’ data from the cloud.

And that’s it!

Now you can work with your on-premise data when in office and access the same data from Cloud It application when at home. Cloud It also allows you to provide ‘Download Only’ access to your clients.

Data storage and data access are of paramount importance when it comes to data-driven businesses. A holistic solution like Cloud It ensures that your business data is not just safe & secure, but also seamlessly accessible from anywhere in the world. Cloud It has become an essential service to safeguard your data in this age of ‘work-from-anywhere’.

Mandar Sahasrabuddhe
Business Head & Co-founder
Kovid BioAnalytics