KBA NewsManaging clinics in the post-COVID era

November 30, 2020by Mandar Sahasrabuddhe

Clinic Management in the new normal post COVID-19 pandemic has become an essential part of any clinician’s practice. And this importance can be attributed to the following facts:

  • It is necessary to control the patients waiting in the clincian’s office or lobby.
  • Consultations need to happen in a short span so that patient’s visit time is limited.
  • Follow-ups over video consults lead to a reduced patient load in clinics.
  • Providing patients with access to medical history has become essential in case of emergency hospitalization.
  • Having a digital history of prescriptions enables patient for better care.

Addressing these challenges requires a simple yet elegant EHR solution. But finding a software system that neither increases the consultation time for the doctor nor changes the doctor’s or patient’s visit experience adversely, is a challenge in itself.

With this challenge in mind, KBA has been working on eDhanvantari since pre-COVID times.

A simple SaaS platform that is easy-to-use, intuitive and affordable, eDhanvantari has been tailor-made for clinicians in India. It has a hand-picked set of features that any doctor with a busy or upcoming practice would find essential. We have done away with complex features that other EHRs implement, but are seldom used.

Here is a gist of what eDhanvantari provides you:

  • Easy appointment management with Role-based access to your staff.
  • A wide array of Case-Report Forms that you can choose from.
  • Medical History documented with minimal typing.
  • Prescriptions with all the necessary details printed as per regulations.
  • Easy issuance of Medical Certificates and Referral Letters.
  • Uploading reports via phones.
  • Access to patients for their own medical records.
  • Clinical as well as Financial reports for clients.

And the best part of the application is that we bill you with pre-paid plans based on the number of visits you want to add per month. So come to us with your requirements and we will give you a offer that you cannot reject!