KBA NewsTecheDhanvantari – An easy and affordable solution to a paper-less clinic

With hundreds of EMR systems, clinic management solutions and CRM platforms teeming the markets, India still sees a majority of doctors not using any clinic management solution. The reason?

At Kovid BioAnalytics (TM), we spent a good part of 2 years talking to doctors about this, while providing them adoption service for multiple Open Source EMR applications like OpenEMR, OSCAR, OpenMRS. While we had a record low number of clinicians in India opting for one of these applications, here are some of the reasons (sorted by priority) that the medicos provided us:
  1. Too complex workflows.
  2. Most applications are online and we don’t have a good internet connection.
  3. There are some stand-alone applications, but they are pretty clumsy.
  4. We don’t get ANY post-sales service.
  5. I cannot afford to pay so much each year to renew my license.
  6. I am used to my own Case Report Form and Prescription pad, why shift now?
  7. I have a software that I bought 5 years ago, but who will type all the data in. I never used it.
  8. I have a legacy data for 10 years, but cannot get anyone to enter it into the system. So why bother?
  9. I have designed a pretty clever way of managing my patients in Excel.
  10. I am too old to be playing with computers. And you are too young to be wasting time on this.

    I had to click so many times to create a new visit for my patient, that I could have easily written down everything in multiple copies – An ophthalmologist’s opinion on one such Open Source EMR system.

And we figured that all these reasons are pretty valid (including #10 that a senior doctor in Pune advised me with).
Nevertheless, having a good Clinic Management Application is becoming essential day-by-day. What with an acute increase in competition in every specialization of medicine, increasing awareness of patients in both urban & rural areas, and a need to provide better patient experience, a software solution that deals with the first 9 points above (we have not found a solution for #10) is the demand of the day! So with this input in mind, we started working on an Indian Clinic Management Solution.
We are now proud to release the first two modules of our Clinic Management Framework – eDhanvantari.
We call it a framework, because that’s what it is. Easily customizable to replicate the exact paper-forms that you have been using, can be deployed online as well as on computers locally, extremely light-weight, totally license-free, and with excellent post-sales support, eDhanvantari is getting attention from clinicians new and old. Having to pay a one-time set-up charge and then owning the application for lifetime is the biggest way-out for clinicians from the hassles of annual licensing and payments.
We are developing the application as a modular framework. At present, we have the General Physician module and Ophthalmology module completed, with some final feautres being tested. We are set to take up the Gynaecology and Orthopaedic modules next.
Some features of eDhanvantari:
  • Branding and customization to suit your practice
  • Patient management and appointment scheduling
  • Separate OPD and IPD management
  • Billing (With/Without ICD coding)
  • Custom Medical Certificates and Referral Letters
  • Prescription Management
  • Vernacular Language Support (for prescriptions and medical notes)
  • Role based access and secured data transfers
  • Extensive customized reports
All set to cater to an increasing demand of clinicians, Team Kovid is confident that eDhanvantari will NOT be just another EMR in the emerging HealthCare market of India.