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“Kovid” (Sanskrit: कोविद) means “Expert” or “Skilled”. Kovid BioAnalytics® is just that! With unmatched expertise in Analytics and a great skill set for informatics, our splendid team has been serving businesses and researchers around the globe since January 2013!

A team of highly motivated data scientists, extremely skilled software professionals and an enthusiastic business development team has enabled us to venture into a wide plethora of projects in the HealthTech, EduTech & FinTech domain. From analytics services to building customized platforms, and from website development to developing applications for both the web and mobile, we have a huge array of services thanks to our “Never Say No” policy when it comes to work.

OUR TEAMYour work is our responsibility!

“Our ‘Never Say No’ policy towards work & unmatched skill set of our team has enabled us to work with more than 150 clients since 2013.”

Sneha Sahasrabuddhe

Founder & Proprietor

TESTIMONIALSWhat Our Clients Say

"We have been working with Kovid BioAnalytics for the last 1 year on a software development project. The experience has been exceptional, the team has been great, has cleared all issues efficiently and the team worked remotely & delivered the highest quality of work, even during the pandemic. I cannot express the comfort zone we were in working with them. Kovid BioAnalytics is our trusted partner for all software development and I would highly recommend them."
Hemal Shah
Hemal Shah, MyRentAfrica, Kenya
"Kovid BioAnalytics has been outstanding throughout the process of developing a new medical database solution within Canada. We have had a business relationship with Kovid BioAnalytics for over 2 years now and our experience has been nothing but positive. I would highly recommend this company for their management services, industry expertise and development skills."
Wes Zeller
"Sneha and the team at Kovid BioAnalytics are a pleasure to work with; they are dedicated to making each project a success, and far exceed expectations in their commitment. I enjoyed working with Sneha and the Kovid team, and look forward to working with them on future projects."
Dr. Kate R

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